A comparative approach to Genealogies and Development of Natural Parks in Spain

This project combines a genealogical and comparative approach to study the implementation of nature conservation in different autonomous communities of Spain. This holistic and diachronic perspective should make it possible to identify the multiple logics and actors that have intervened over the last decades, as well as the most significant milestones in the recent history of conservation. In doing this, we aim to question some models about the reach and reality of conservation, and to provide more realistic tools for the management of NPs, specifically, and PAs in general. The kind of critical and systematic assessment of conservation models that we aim to carry out has been rather absent from the existing anthropological literature. To redress this would also mean going beyond legislative and statistical indicators, which are frequently used in the analysis of public policies, as well as other broadly-present indicators in environmental studies. Conservation, as one of the most important political phenomena of our time, must be approached from a perspective that takes into consideration its multiple social dimensions, which would help define new actions and forms of conservation management with better results.  

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