II International Workshop


GOBERPARK research group is pleased to announce the II International Workshop “Anthropology of Conservation”, which will be held online on March 25-26, 2021. We invite papers to reflect on Protected Areas and Natural Parks in Spain, in particular, and worldwide. This workshop will also examine the new social context caused by the COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic on Protected Areas and Natural Parks.

The purpose of the I International Workshop “Anthropology of Conservation” is to analyse and discuss Protected Areas policies and management, specifically the Natural Park as a concept. Four topics will integrate both diverse approaches and disciplines, welcoming contributions to the following Working Groups . The Research Committee will review all abstracts submitted.

Working Group 1. Case studies on Protected Areas, specifically Natural Parks.

Working Group 2. Cause-consequence analysis of Protected Areas, specially Natural Parks.

Working Group 3. Perceptions of Protected Areas , particularly Natural Parks.

Working Group 4. Protected Areas management and policies, specifically in Natural Parks.


Registration is free (fill out the registration form clic here).
Registration deadline: 15th March 2021.
A certificate of attendance is included in the registration fee.

Download here the programme.


Abstracts submission deadline

February 28, 2021

Notification of acceptance/rejection

From March 5, 2021

Final paper submission deadline

March 25, 2021

Important: please note that if your abstract or paper do not fully meet the guidelines and dates, it will automatically be discarded without further notice.


Paper text
All abstracts must be submitted in a file format compatible with Word 2003, they should be written in the font Times New Roman size 12, double-spaced. Abstracts cannot contain more than 300 words (containing 3-5 keywords) and they can be submitted in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French or English.

Abstracts should include the following information
-Title of paper
-Full name of all authors
-Academic institution, address, phone number and e-mail

In the event that the authorship corresponds to several people, all of them must register if they want certification.

Subsmission of abstracts
Abstracts must be submitted by email by sending them as email attachments to participa@goberpark.es. E-mail subject: working group and authors’ surnames.


Paper text
1- Language. Papers will be published in Spanish.

2.- Length and format. A maximum of 15 pages, including the footnotes and bibliography. Text should be written Font Times New Roman size 12. Italic, bold, underline and capital letters used for emphasis are not an option. Margins: 2.5 cm (right, left, top and bottom). 1.5 line spacing. Please, add page numbers to the bottom right of all pages and do not indent the start of paragraphs. Footnotes: Times New Roman 10, single-spaced.

3.- Title and headings. Title will be in capital letters, bold y centered. The author’s name: beneath the title, centered, non-bold and with the academic position. Please, number the headings. Insert a blank line before new heading, but not between the heading and the next paragraph.

4.- Bibliography rules. Please follow the citation and style guides ISO 690, UNE 50-104: Surnames (in capital letters), name of the author. Title (in italics), edition, city: publisher, year; pages. The preposition “in” should be used when the source is found in another source.

5.- The papers should be a Word file.

Submission of full-text papers for publication
The papers must be submitted by email to participa@goberpark.es or to the working groups convenors (on the website of GOBERPARK).

All papers will be published as conference proceedings in a journal or a book.

For further details about the Workshop please contact us: participa@goberpark.es

GOBERPARK "Anthropology of Conservation. A comparative approach to Genealogies and Development of Natural Parks in Spain". Project funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the ERDF. Project (PID2019-106291RB-I00/ AEI10.13039/501100011033) Referencia del proyecto PID2019-106291RB-I00/ AEI10.13039/501100011033

Departament de Sociologia i Antropología. Universitat de València.
Facultat de Ciències Socials. Universitat de València.


Dr. Miguel Alexiades (University of Kent, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Anthropology/Ethnobotany).
Dr. Evangelia Apostolopoulou (University of Cambridge, University Lecturer, Department of Geography).
Dr. Carlos Montes del Olmo (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Professor of Ecology)
Ms. Marta Múgica de la Guerra (Director of the “Fundación Fernando González Bernáldez” and Coordinator of EUROPARC Spain).
Dr. Beatriz Santamarina Campos. (Universitat de València, R+D manager)


Ms. Sara Acàmer Mateu
Ms. Paula Brito Pedrosa
Mr. Lluís Ferrer Pleguezuelos
Ms. Noelia García Rodríguez
Ms. Aida Vizcaíno Estevan
Dr. Mireia Campanera Reig
Dr. Sara Sierra Ferrero
Dr. Santiago Montero Cruzada
Dr. Ernesto Martínez Fernández
Dr. Judit Gil Farrero
Dr. Teresa Vicente Rabanaque